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Best cut and length pants for Japanese? 2009/8/4 17:37
I will be giving jeans/pants to some Japanese women as gifts. They hover around 1.6m and 50-55kg. My guestimate is US size 4 short, straight cut (as opposed to regular or curvy cut). Do you think they will fit them well?
by Fiona (guest)  

Gap 2009/8/5 08:14
The Gap stores in Japan, which are very popular, have jeans of different waist sizes and lengths. A food item might make a better gift if you don't really know their sizes.
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sounds about right 2009/8/5 12:00
A short length inseam of maybe 28'' or 29'' at most works best with japanese of that height. Remember japanese are usually short legged.
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. 2009/8/5 15:35
While US size 4 short, straight cut does sound good, you have to keep in mind that the trend is "just fit" jeans. Baggy jeans are out of style at the moment.

In other words, women make sure they try on their jeans before buying them so that they would fit exactly as they want them to, and I can't really imagine giving jeans to someone without knowing the person's exact size, unless the jeans are vintage or rare brand and is worth giving even though they don't fit. Otherwise, of course, you can just give them the option to look at those jeans first.

Btw, length isn't a big problem as you can find lots of shops that will adjust clothes size, but waist size is quite important when it comes to jeans.
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A GC is burning a hole in my pocket 2009/8/6 22:02
Thanks for the responses!

The reason I wanna buy them jeans is because I won a $200 Abercrombie & Fitch gift card that I personally will never use. The tops at A&F are made with material so thin that I won't be surprised if they don't hold up after 1 wash! As I will be staying at their house without paying rent, I feel it's important to give them a pricy gift in return for free rent.
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Ask them 2009/8/6 22:46

In that case, why don't you just go ahead and ask the receivers their waist and hip size? Then you can go to the shop and make sure the jeans fit that size.
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Interesting! 2009/8/6 23:50
Actually I already did :) I am paranoid of buying the wrong size.

Woman 1: 159cm tall, 67cm leg length, 65cm waist, 85cm hips

Woman 2: 160cm, 73cm LL, 67cm waist, 87cm hips

Woman 3: 161cm, 70cm LL, 65cm waist, 87cm hips

These 3 women are of about the same height, weight, even waist and hip measurements. What I didn't expect is that women of roughly the same height can differ so much in leg length! I hope they didn't measure incorrectly.
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. 2009/8/7 00:17

So all you have to do now is to convert them into inches and consult the jeans shop clerk.
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shopping for women 2009/8/7 09:22
So are you asking about fit or style?

Sounds like you already have all the info you need to get something that may fit. As for style, Abercrombie is a known brand in Japan (I heard they were opening a store here in 2009 but I'm not sure if they did or not) so i'd guess that they would know the brand.
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follow-up 2009/8/30 00:08
Back home now. Ifm very pleased that the Abercrombie size 4 short jeans I got for them fit them well. The length was just right for the one with the longest legs and a tad long for the other 2. Itfs surprising to me as they are more or less the same height. I found out that these jeans cost an arm and a leg in Japan. I recommended Abercrombie as gifts for young Japanese women who love foreign brands! These 3 women loved them to pieces!
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Thanks for the feedback 2009/8/30 08:36
Good to know!
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