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Buying Tickets for Koruken Hall, Tokyo 2009/8/4 19:46
Hi all,

Is there an easy way to buy tickets for a Koruken Hall show, specifically Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling on 17th Sept, in English on the internet? I arrive in Tokyo on the 13th Sept and I'm worried if I leave it until then to go to the ticket office in person then it might have sold out by then.
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How to get tickets 2009/8/6 17:02
Unfortunately, there is no way to buy tickets for a Korakuen Hall show in English on the internet.

Unless you have a friend who can help you in Japan, there seems to be only two options that are available to you to purchase advance tickets for a Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling show.

One option: Get tickets in person at the ticket office in Korakuen Hall. (10:00-19:00)
Another option: Get tickets via Ticket Pia at a Ticket Pia shop or a convenience store (Circle K Sunkusu or Family Mart).


I think purchasing tickets by using the ticket machine at either convenience store is more accessible. Put P code number (#594-120) to search the show you want to see. Note that while you will find a Family Mart store anywhere around the city more easily than a Circle K Sunkusu store, the ticket machine accessible in English is provided only by Circle K Sunkusu.
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