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Sunday race ticket in F1 2009 in suzuka 2009/8/7 11:31
me and my husband is planning to watch the F1 in suzuka this october but because of having a tight budget, we wanted to watch only the race proper which is on sunday Oct 4 only, would it be possible that F1 will be selling a sunaday pass ticket only, i have visited a lot of sites but all of them are selling weekend pass? and is it true that in watching F1 we should be on a package tour? we are coming from the philippines on sunday Oct 4 from nagoya airport and just plans to ride a train going to the circuit, is this possible? or the immigration wont allow us?
by lhynn  

Day passes 2009/8/7 13:10
With F1 you generally purchase the weekend pass, it's quite normally as it's how the body releases the tickets.

You can however purchase General Admission passes at the venue on the day. You will not have any problems doing this at all.
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Answers 2009/8/7 16:29
I completely missed answering your other questions, sorry.

I was going to say no of course you do not need a package tour but after researching I notice your country has a lot of different processes.
I think the safest and best option would be to contact your local embassy/consulate and inquire.
It looks like you need to apply for even a tourist visa.
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answer 2009/8/13 10:58
all tickets are good for 3 days (entire duration). what time will ur flight arrive on the 4th? nearest station to suzuka is shiroko,frm there u need to ride taxi/bus for about 20 min.
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General Admission 2009/8/13 22:22
General Admission tickets are only for the day they are purchased on.
It's the only way you can buy a ticket for the race day only
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