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katana purchas during trip to Japan. 2009/8/7 19:36
I have a question, as I am planning my 2 week holidays in Japan, I was wondering if someone could recommend a store where I could buy a nice sharp katana sword in decent price (I am not thinking of the real 100.000 USD old katana, and from other side I do not want to buy some cheap chines replica in gift shop). The store can be located in Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka.


by Maro (guest)  

. 2009/8/7 23:21
If you buy a katana you have 2 choices, 1. buy a $3,000 USD real one or 2. buy a cheap copy in a gift shop.
I think you can find better on eBay. I saw a real Japanese one for $500 because it was like a demonstration model. Also, in Japan it must be shipped home because it is illegal to have with you.
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