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Japanese characters for my name? 2009/8/8 17:18
Kay, so I'm only half Japanese and I was wondering if my whole name had a Kanji "version" of it.

My name's Joydareene Yuizah Nishimura. Weird name, I know.

I know that Nishimura is: Ό‘Ί, but that's pretty much it.

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. 2009/8/8 21:47
No, your other names don't have kanji versions of it, unless they are Chinese names (because obviously they are not Japanese names).

But just for fun, you can choose some kanji to match the phonetics of your non-Japanese names.

Btw, "kanji" are Chinese characters and not Japanese characters, but they are very often used in Japan along with Japanese characters.

Just for reference;
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RE: Japanese characters for my name? 2009/8/10 18:29
I don't know how to read your name, but if Yuizah is read like [yuiza], then —Bΐ can be an option for its transliteration just for fun and pun. —B [yui] means "one and only" and ΐ [za] means (taking) a seat or a post as in "administrative post."

The word "kanji," if expressed in alphabets and used in English, mainly means a Japanese writing system using kanji characters, most of which each have a Chinese origin. But, a Japanese word ŠΏŽš often also means Chinese characters.

It's about 2,000 years since Chinese characters were imported to Japan, and about 1,100 years since hiragana and katakana were invented from some of them.
Even characters of the same origin in Chinese and in Japanese may well have different means and/or pronunciations.

I suppose your Japanese nameΌ‘Ί gets another reading in Chinese, but its meaning remains about the same as "western village" in Japanese.
In the past, names of VIPs from People's Republic of China were each read in a Japanese way in news reports, but recently they are read based on Chinese pronunciations.


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