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Best city for shopping? 2009/8/9 10:39
I'm visiting Japan in mid Jan to early Feb, are there many sales during that time?
Also I've heard some ppl mention avoiding shopping in Tokyo since it tends to be pricier, which city is best for shopping?
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. 2009/8/9 14:30
Tokyo. Why? Largest city so it has the widest range of stores and hence, selection.
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Both Osaka and Tokyo are good 2009/8/9 21:51
Both cities have good shopping to offer a visitor. Each is a little different in style and both will have their strength and weakness. Tokyo is large so more shopping areas to visit. Osaka is smaller so it is easier to get around. Osaka is know to be a merchant town, so in some way the shops tend to be a little better organized by type and location, so in some way a more efficient experience. The prices also tend to be more consistent in Osaka since shops in the same area will be selling similar or the same items. That can also mean that if you know what you are looking for, and don't mind hunting around, a better price could be found in Tokyo. These are general statements so depending on what type of shopping you enjoy or the items you are shopping for, each city could offer a different experience.

Many items in Japan are already pre-priced so they will be the same price in both cities. Also many of the large chain stores will offer the same price in both cities.

Then there is Kyoto, which has many shops that sell more tourist oriented items near it's famous locations and attractions.
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