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Idol Shops in Nagoya and/or Osaka? 2009/8/9 18:02

From October onwards I'm going to study abroad in Nagoya.
I'm a huge fan of Johnny's Entertainment and therefore very much in love with the Idol Shops (like Gorakudoh) you find in Takeshita Doori *lol* Since I won't be able to go to Tokyo that often, I'd like to know whether there are similar shops in Nagoya or Osaka. I know about the official Johnny's Shop and Mandarake most likely has some goods, too, but is there anything aside of those two (also concerning concert tickets)?

Thanks a lot!
by dragon soda  

kanayama 2009/8/10 12:45
There is a shop in kanayama that would suit your tastes very nicely.
I cannot for the life of me think of it's name though but it's very close to the Hilton hotel side of the station.
If I can think of it I will post back!
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