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What dehumidifier should I buy? 2009/8/10 00:31
I have a moldy, 3 room apt. What type, model, brand of dehumidifier should I buy? Must be quiet running as will be in my bedroom.
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... 2009/8/10 10:34
Does your air-conditining unit comes with "dry" mode?
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A nice quiet dehumidifier 2009/11/6 10:54
If you want to get rid of moisture in the air you want a dehumidifier or air conditioner.

Of course you always want to try and fix the source of the moisture problem if possible. Living in an apartment with moisture problems pretty much means you would need to speak with the landlord. Sometimes you can't fix the moisture problem without great expense so a dehumidifier or an air conditioner is the only answer.

***One thing to keep in mind. Cold air cannot hold water like warm air can. Think about a cold drink on a hot day. All the water that condenses on the outside of the glass is from the air around the glass. Since the air that touches the glass is being cooled it is losing its water and the water is sticking to the glass.

A dehumidifier uses a fan to draw air into the unit. That air is then blown across a cold coil system. The cold coils cool the air down. When the air cools down the water that was in the air condenses on the cold coils and eventually drips into a catch pan. After the air loses its water it is then blown across a warm coil system. That warm coil system warms the air up and then blows it back out of the unit. So you've got warm moist air going in one side of the dehumidifier and warm dry out coming out the other side. With the water being collected in a catch pan.

An air conditioner works basically the same, however, it does not warm the air before blowing it into the room. That's why when you mount a window air conditioner you're supposed to mount it so that it tips slightly away from the house. Otherwise the condensing water will run into the house. Of course you can't always use an air conditioner if you live in a part of the world that is not always warm or hot.

Either one of the above methods will help remove moisture from the air.

I recently purchased a dehumidifier for an area in my house that is just always damper than other areas. We noticed mold starting to grow on the ceiling. The dehumidifier we bought works awesome. It's a Soleus Air CFM-40E. For a complete review on it please see my website at the link below.

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