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Best markets for secondhand kimono? 2009/8/10 13:07
Help! Ifm heading off to Japan shortly and want to buy a beautiful second hand wedding uchikake/furisode. I was told I might be able to pick one up for a couple hundred $$$ at flea/temple markets but there are so many I donft know which ones to go to.
Please help with any information on the name of best flea/temple markets to go to to get a second hand uchikake/furisode and where and when they are held! I will be travelling to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo.
by Lisa (guest)  

Togo Shrine 2009/8/10 13:57
We went to Togo Shrine in Harajuku, Tokyo, in April. There were a few stalls with second hand kimonos for very reasonable prices. It's on the 1st and 4th Sunday mornings, weather permitting. I don't know about any others, but try the paperlantern website: it may help.
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. 2009/8/10 22:43
Toji Shrine in Kyoto has a flea market that sells used kimonos, but I think it is only one or two times a year and many kimono resellers are there buying them so you would need to beat them to buying them all. I think you can find a better deal on eBay or kyotokimonos.com.
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in osaka... 2009/8/11 08:46
In Osaka, the flea market is held on the 21st of every month at the Shitennoji temple. Besides kimono, you'll find just about anything.
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. 2009/8/11 11:20
Buy online. They are very good:
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