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Navigation System 2009/8/10 19:46
So, now I got a question:

I already searched this forum but did not come up with a staisfying answer.

I am looking for a portable navigation system (similar to the SONY NUVI??), with English as standard language, at a decent price.

Maybe I am asking for too much again, but if anyone has any idea or suggestion, please get with me.
by kulachan  

. 2009/8/12 00:44
Never used it myself but this supposed to have Japanese, Chinese, and English interface.


Also, there's the iphone.
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I got it 2009/8/17 13:43
Finally came up with the (at least for me) best solution. A Garmin Nuevi 205, cheap and has all I need - meaning just a plain navigation system. Now I only have to figure out how I can also mount it on my motorcycle.
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