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Can somebody identify this vase? 2009/8/10 22:57
by rikus (guest)  

. 2009/8/11 10:08
I cannot identify it myself, but I think you might be interested in making an inquiry at:
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? 2009/8/11 10:45

Why did you ask this forum when it's obviously Chinese?
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. 2009/8/11 11:41
Your vase could be an imitation. The seals are different as you can see.

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... 2009/8/11 14:12
"Chubu China" might mean "Chubu Touki (chinaware)," so it might well be Japanese - yet other seals I see are different from this one :(
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Apologies 2009/8/11 16:05
AK, you are right! I should seriously think about getting glasses. Just to show my apologies, here is the address for Chubu Touki.

3-67 Shumoku-cho, Higashi-ku, Aichi Pref., Japan
phone: 81-52-931-2176

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Seal 2009/8/11 16:21
Without knowing much about china ware myself it strikes me strange that a Japanese (or even Chinese for that matter) uses a crown seal like the one in the photo.
Interesting find :)
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To Uco 2009/8/11 21:46
Sorry this is quite OT, but

Uco, I wish I could say I was losing my 20/20...I never had that lol I've been very short-sighted all these years, and NOW I have to wear bifocals... *sigh*...
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OT on Chinaware 2009/8/12 01:53
This is not exactly the answer to the original question, but having a crown itself doesn't seem to be so unusual even in chinaware made in Japan. Search the following list on the word "Japan" and you'll realize there are more than one seal that has a crown and is yet made in Japan. Unfortunaly, however, the seal of the OP doesn't show.

Btw AK, to be honest I did buy a pair of presbyopia glasses several months ago and suffering a serious culture shock of "How are you supposed to see things beyond this tiny frame??"
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Uco 2009/8/12 10:11
Thanks for that Uco.
I always thought that Crowns were something from monarchies in the western world.
Didn't see any importance to such a symbol being used in Japan.
Always interesting to learn something new :)
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