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Visa to USA in Emergency Domestic Cases 2009/8/12 00:06
If a Family Member in America Dies or is about to die, How Quickly would I be able to Obtain a Visa or Something to re-enter the USA after I become a Japanese Citizen? There are Specal Circumstances arent there?
by Akemi Loli Mokoto  

. 2009/8/12 11:16
Japanese don't need a visa to visit.
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. 2009/8/12 11:40
Don't you know the world will end on December 21, 2012? You have to reside in Japan for at least 10 years before they'll even consider giving you citizenship. And you don't even live here yet. It's too early to be thinking about this.

But yeah, Japanese citizens can enter the US for 90 days without a visa.
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Why the drastic step? 2009/8/12 12:19
Why do you want to become a Japanese citizen? I have lived in Japan 11 years, and I am not a Japanese citizen, nor do I plan to become one.
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VWP 2009/8/12 12:46
travel.state.gov/visa/temp/without/without_1990.html -
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You don't need a visa. 2009/8/12 13:52
To answer the original poster's question, Japanese do not need Visas to visit the United States, as Japan and the US have visa waiver agreements for visits for 90 days or less.

As for becoming a national, there are many reasons people decide, getting the right to fully vote in elections is one, and other matters.
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. 2009/8/12 14:10

Can you become a Japanese citizen even if you want to be? I doubt it somehow...
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nonono 2009/8/12 22:15
No, I am an American Citizen and Im about to move to Japan(will be my first time outta the USA). I was wondering, when I am able to be a Japansese Citizen, in the event of a Death or Accident in my Family(who will remain in the USA), how quickly will I be able to re-enter the USA? Like is there a "Specal Circustance" that will make my re-entry in the USA quicker?

PS: Im Permanatly Moving to Japan, cuz America SUCKS and Japan is safer(Criminally) and well other reasons.
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. 2009/8/13 00:46
You don't need a visa, you can just buy a ticket and go. Japan is visa waiver with the USA.

Japan isn't rosey dosey either.
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how old are you? 2009/8/13 05:44
you kind of sound young, i'm guessing you're still a teen, so let me lay it out for you like it is-

you will not be able to become a citizen here until you've lived here at least 5 years, and being as young as i'm assuming you are, you'll probably be rejected on your application simply because you're too young.

it's not easy to become a citizen unless you have extremely strong ties to the nation. you will need to have a family, business, or good job, etc. if you don't have those things you'll need to be somehow involved in something like politics or otherwise be prominent and beneficial to the nation. if they see that you are not benefiting the nation they won't grant you citizenship.

citizenship does have its advantages and i will be renouncing my canadian citizenship once i've been in japan long enough. but for now i just jump through the visa hoops like everyone else.
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way too early 2009/8/13 09:01
Japan may not be all you expect it to be either- it certainly isn't utopia.

Yes, it is possible to become a Japanese citizen, but very few people who weren't born in Japan (from Korean or Chinese families usually) ever do it. It is a long drawn out process, and you can expect to have to live in Japan for at least 10 years before your application will even be considered.

It is just very premature to the point of being ridiculous to think about citizenship when you have never lived here before. First, will you qualify for a working visa? What kind of job will you do (limited opportunities for foreigners here). What if you find that you actually don't like living in Japan because it is nothing like you had expected?

Don't burn your bridges.
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