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Catholic Mass in Japan 2004/6/27 07:50
Is it easy to find a Catholic church in Japan? Are the services generally in English or Japanese? Is there any dinstiguished architecture in these churches?
by FrancoAmerican  

Himonya Catholic Church 2004/6/27 22:22
Hi There

Try They have English speaking priests but all services are in Japanese.
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Yes 2004/6/28 09:03
There are probably at least one catholic English mass accessible from any city you'd live in.

In particular, Nagasaki has the longest history of catholics (over 400 years), and cities like Tokyo, Yokohama and Kobe where there are a lot of expats have several English mass of various christian sects as well as a variety of catholic churches small and large.
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sorry, I left out some answers 2004/6/28 09:07
Of course, most mass are in Japanese. And there are some distinguished architecture, but it might depend on what you call distinguished.
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Uco san..... 2004/6/29 01:20
Hi Uco san

Is there any English mass in Osaka, apart from Kobe?
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osaka+catholic church+english 2004/6/29 16:26
I found the following website by typing the phrase on the title. The site doesn't say if it's catholic or not, but perhaps you can inquire for catholic mass at one of the churches and they might be able to guide you to one.
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Umeda... 2004/6/30 01:26
There is a english catholic mass in umeda every sunday morning at about 9am. its in some small little tradional styled church building that looks out of place surrounded by skyscrapers.

its philipino english so it ain`t all that great but they get the job done.

i forget the name of the joint and directions but if you want them make a post and i`ll ask the girls at work...
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my engerlish.... 2004/6/30 01:35
i just read my post and realised my english weren`t to crash hot either... but i`ve been drinking so i`m not that worried!
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Catholic in Japan? We can help 2004/7/18 22:57
We are Japan Catholic Expatriates, a web based group helping Catholic gaijin keep the faith while living in this mostly non Christian land.

Join our email list FREE to receive Mass readings/prayers in English, as well as our weekly e-commentary.
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Japan Catholic Expats 2004/7/18 23:00
Oops ... forgot to put our email address and URL on the message I just posted.
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Catholic Church in Osaka 2005/12/25 22:01
Many churches have mass in English, but the Mt Mary's Cathedral (also known as Tatsukuri Catholic Church in Tamatsukuri/Morinomiya) has an English mass on Sundays.
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St Mary's Cathedral 2006/1/29 22:44
I was interested in visiting St Mary's Cathedral in Tokyo and I can't (for the life of me!) find the exact location!

I'm pretty sure it's in Tokyo, but I found an address in Kyoto, so now I'm pretty confused!

If anyone knows the station name and how to get there from the station, please post the answer!

Thank you!
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Tokyo St Mary's Cathedral 2006/2/2 23:13
It is at Gokokuji Station on Tokyo Metro Yurakucho-Line.
It is about 5 minute walk from the station but the route is kinda difficult, i walked through residential area.
but the church seemed nice, there was a replica of Rurudo cave.
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Thanks Sean! 2006/2/3 23:14
Thanks for clearing that up for me, i think I'll check it out on Sunday!
I'll see if the train attendants know where the Church is!
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need address 2006/2/8 04:30
anyone knows the exact address of a cotholic church in here in OSAKA ? please let me know.

I'm a pinoy all alone here in OSAKA, I need pinoy friends here.
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question about saitama 2006/2/12 10:13
i was alsp wondering if anyone knows where a cathloic church is in the saitama region(its just north of the tokyo region)
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St. Ignatius Church (Yotsuya) 2006/2/19 15:56
There is an English mass every Sunday, 12nn-1pm at St. Ignatius Church near Yotsuya.

There are also services conducted in Japanese and Spanish in this church.

Hope this helps..
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St. Mary's Cathedral near Edogawabashi 2006/3/29 17:53
not Gokukuji stn. Maybe it's longer than just a 5 minute walk because it's uphill. It's right in front of the Four Seasons Hotel Chinzan-so. They will have the map of the hotel on the Four Seasons website, which is what I used to locate the church. Good luck!
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English mass at Cathedral 2006/4/4 15:00
What time is the English Mass at the Cathedral?

Are there masses in Latin anywhere in Tokyo?
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catholic church near takayama 2006/7/31 02:45
I'm looking for a catholic church near takayama. I want to assist to the holy mass every day. can help me spomeone?
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