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Tama Reien Cemetery 2009/8/13 21:15
We would like to visit Yukio Mishima's grave in Tama Reien Cemetery in Fuchu. Can you help us how to find the grave there? I am also interested in the opening hours of the cemetery. As I could check, Fuchu can be easily reached by direct train line from Shinjuku.

Thank you in advance!
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from their Japanese website 2009/8/14 14:56
The administration office of Tama Reien is located at the bottom right-hand corner of the following map on their official website, right where the AED is. You can ask them about any grave you may be looking for.


Opening hours are;
Mar 1st - Sept 30th, 2009
Main gate and Koganei gate
Other gates
During Aug 13th - Aug 16th,
Main gate and Koganei gate will be open


According to an unofficial website, Mishima's grave is located at address code 10-1-13-32.

Tama Reien does not place waste bins, and asks you to bring home all waste. Old flowers can be put away at the designated spots such as the one shown on the left-hand photo in the middle of the following page. The right-hand photo is the wrong example.
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Forgot to add 2009/8/14 14:58
My granny used to tell me that you're not supposed to visit graves after 3:00pm as you tend to attract ghosts. If you see few people giving prayers after this hour, that is probably the reason. But it's up to you.
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Thanks! 2009/8/17 01:24
Dear Uco,

thanks a lot for your help. We will try to go there in the morning.
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