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Is allergic to eggs in Japan bad? 2009/8/17 06:21
well, I've been allergic to eggs for a while but not really that bad. I can't eat them boiled, an omelet, scrambled, raw or sunny side up... But if its mixed in any food I'm Ok. Will this be a problem for me if I go to Japan?
by TLadyLee  

. 2009/8/17 12:42
Has it been a problem at the place you live in now? If so, how? If not, how?

My 17 yr old son has been allergic to eggs all his life in Japan and he lives with it. But he knows how to read the menu and ingredients on the label, and he can say the simple phrases written as follows.

I don't know what kind of dining you'll be doing here in Japan, but basically, you can tell your host or waiter that you are "tamago a-re-ru-gii desu (allergic to eggs)" and request for "tamago nuki de (without eggs, please)". If they ask if you're allergic to eggs of other animals or fish, you can just say that you're allergic to "chicken no tamago" or whatever kind of eggs you're allergic to.

Chicken eggs are currently the top allergen in Japan.
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well... 2009/9/22 10:18
I'm not really sure how I'm able too... I think it mostly has to do with the whole egg being cooked not mixed strongly with other foods I guess lol.... but anyways I've been ok....thank you for answering my question!!!
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Eggs are not exclusive 2009/9/22 14:21
Simply don't order boiled or fried eggs. Also avoid flu injection since vaccine is made from egg.
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flu shot... 2009/9/23 12:12
Ohhh yeah I know about the flu shots I never get them sooo thanks anyways for the tip.....
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