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Problem with emails. 2009/8/19 07:32
I have written emails to friends in Japan for years and suddenly the emails coming from Japan have gone silent the past few months. Is there a problem with the servers or something?? Thanks for any help...I miss my friends!
by Dot64  

not a technical problem 2009/8/19 08:29
No, there has been no major shutdown of servers here in Japan. The answer most likely lies with the people you are emailing.
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gmail 2009/8/20 00:43
If this is a problem that has been going on for months, this answer probably isn't really gonna be much help. But gmail's server went down in Japan like a couple Sunday's ago - the last Sunday of July to be exact, I think. Funny this is, the only people I know who were affected were Japanese people who had gmail accounts.
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. 2009/8/20 01:36
I live in Japan and I use gmail, and I had absolutely nothing go wrong with my gmail accounts.

The answer is most likely on the receiving persons end.

Just a note I've had pen pals before, they write and write, but then just suddenly stop, no reason, just stop and never hear from them again.
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E-mail problems 2009/10/2 22:43
If you are using Hotmail, it is possible that your server has installed a "block" to halt incoming messages. I found out that was being done by my cousin's service provider. I had never had any problems until one day I could no longer get messages through. Once the cousin contacted the provider, this no longer became a problem.
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