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Leaving Japan-local tax and tax refund 2009/8/19 16:07
Little complicated - hope someone can help me on this, any info appreciated.

I have been working in IT and was made redundant some months back and since then looking for work.

I havent found anything yet so have made a deadline to leave Japan soon if nothing comes up.

I'm eligible for unemployment insurance, and have 18 months left on my Visa (I'm still officially employed by my company to September under the redundancy terms, so can claim unemployment inssurance then if neccesary).

If I dont pay the local tax before leaving, will this give me a problem if I come back to Japan (as a tourist or to work).

And if I dont pay the local tax can I still apply for a refund of my tax and pension payments paid (how do I go about this as well?).

And how about unemployment insurance - I think I'm eligible for 3 or 6 months (worked here 18 months).
How is it paid (monthly, weekly, all in one?)

Could I claim the unemployment insurance if I leave Japan shortly after claiming it?

Many thanks

by Mark (guest)  

Pay the taxes 2009/8/25 13:50
Hi, Mark. If you do not pay the local tax before leaving you will DEFINITELY have troubles while trying to come back to Japan once again. I knew a person who did this and when he arrived to Japan immigration officers did not let him to leave the airport unless he pays all the pending amount of local taxes at the moment.

Note that the moment you stop paying local text a delay fee will be added to each month you did not pay for all the previous years, so if you spend in your own country let`s say 1-2 years and then get back to Japan, a real surprise might await on you.

Also, even if they`ll not figure out that you did not pay the taxes at the airport, they`ll definitely catch you the moment you will apply for your new gaikokujin touroku syoumeisyo (after all they have your passport info and all the other necessary information in the data base). To make the long story short, the best advice I can give you is - please pay the taxes and only the leave Japan!

And don`t forget that people working in regional office (kuyakusyo) are helpful and should it be difficult for your to pay a lump sum of your local taxes, you can work out with them a plan which allows you to repay your debt in 1 year or so. You can simply transfer each month certain amount on their account even leaving outside of Japan.

by Mila (guest) rate this post as useful

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