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Special Souvenir 2009/8/20 16:53
Hey there,

I'm visiting Japan with my parents and best friend later this year. We're spending 10 nights there, and I'm very excited.

While I'm confident that I'll be able to find novel souvenirs for my friends (omamori, yukata etc), this is my best friend's first time out of the country. Coincidentally, it'll be his birthday, and also Christmas around the same time.

I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a really special souvenir or item from Japan? I want to make sure when he sees/holds whatever it is he'll be able to remember the (hopefully!) great time we had. I'm not really sure what I'm looking for - my friend is a boy and the same age as me (16). Any help would be grately appreciated!

by MSam2  

. 2009/8/20 22:49
Get him a Katana.
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Likes 2009/8/21 00:37
Do you know what he likes? I.E Does he like japanese animation, like japanese history, gadgets, crazy weird things etc..
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Interesting 2009/8/21 06:44
Interesting suggestions.

I hadn't thought about a Katana, so I'll have a look into that. I'm not exactly sure if he's into Japanese history or anime - I'm just looking for something that would be recognizable as Japanese. Not much help I know. Thanks for all your help anyway.
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Ocarina? 2009/8/23 09:42
I know the Legend of Zelda franchise is pretty big in Japan, and it's also boosted the sale of ocarinas (handhold ceramic flutes). Does anyone know if it would be possible to buy an Ocarina in Japan?
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fan 2009/8/26 15:21
when i lived in japan i brought back japanese folding fans or uchiwas for ppl. guys and girls use them all the time in japan and good ones go from 2000 to 6000 yen
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