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walkie talkie usage 2009/8/21 12:31
Hi, can anyone please tell me if usage of Amytel AW350 walkie talkie is allowed in Japan. Just do not want to be lost in a crowd from my friend.
Thank YOU!!
by amandacc  

walkie talkies 2009/8/21 13:24
Generally, FRS and GMRS radios like yours are illegal to operate in Japan as they operate on the same frequency as television signals and will interfere with each other. You can only use them if they display the regulatory compliance marks shown on this page:
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Illegal 2009/8/21 14:12
Illegal (radio law)
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no 2009/8/21 22:30
not allowed, but with handheld units who's going to stop you? if you were setting up a permanent ham radio station on the other hand...
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. 2009/8/22 00:08
Well it will interfere with other restricted frequencies used by legitimate business if you don't have the proper permission.

Yes no one might catch or stop you but its no reason to disobey regulations. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for violating the law.
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law there for a reason 2009/8/22 08:40
I agree- the idea that "they won't catch me so I might as well go ahead and break the law" is pretty dodgy reasoning.
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Thank you for your posts. 2009/10/22 22:55
Thank you for posts. Especially for ''FRS/GMRS'' keyword

I found this which could be helpful for others.

In the poster, it clearly states that FRS/GMRS walkie-talkie is illegal to use in Japan.
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