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Getting concert tickets 2009/8/22 05:29
Hello, I'm heading over to Nagoya for a study abroad term in the fall, and I was looking over concerts that I could attend. I've found a few that I'd like to try and go to, but I don't know whether they're already sold out or not.

Is there any way I can check? Some of the concerts I want to go to are for pretty big names like Aoyama Thelma and Angela Aki, so I'm afraid I won't be able to get tickets through Lawson or Pia.

Is the best thing to do to just wait until I've arrived in Japan and see what's still available? I'll be heading over there in a little over a week.

And how do I find the code I need to use Lawson?
by crazy tensai  

. 2009/8/23 06:43
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Thanks 2009/8/23 08:40
I didn't realize Lawson had such a convenient website where you could check everything.
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ticket.co.jp 2009/8/23 20:26
Another useful site, when you are searching for sold out tickets, is ticket.co.jp
But you would need a keitai to be able to register :/

(Btw, I'm heading over to Nagoya this fall, too, to study abroad there for one year :D yoroshiku!)
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