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Cybershot from Japan using in Aus? 2009/8/22 17:18
I was hoping to buy the sony cybershot t90 in Japan to use here in australia. I was wondering would there be any issues with recharging it or any other electronic problems it could experience with voltage here? (I heard recharging it here it wont recharge properly or battery will run out quickly) also will buying a replacement battery here work with it?
by Cybershot (guest)  

Should be no problem at all 2009/8/24 01:31
This shouldnt be an issue. I dont have a Cannon but have a similar camera. The charger will almost certainly be rated for voltages from 100v to 240v (The same goes for most laptop chargers). I am in the uk and can and have recharged camera and laptop batteries both at home & in Japan with no trouble at all. The battery life should be the same wherever you are as well.
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. 2009/8/24 11:55
As discussed in many items here (try Search) You'll get a different plug, warranty may not be good, it might be different to Aus spec.and it may be cheaper in Aus.
The battery will charge a bit slower than Aus. but power remains the same.
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Sony 2009/8/24 12:07

While mains voltage won't be a problem, you will need to get a plug adapter. That's just a minor inconvenience, but you should note that, in addition to the lack of overseas warranty, Sony cameras sold in Japan don't have English menus, unless you buy an international model, which will probably be more expensive than buying one in your own country.
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