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Shopping in Tokyo 2009/8/23 22:32
Hi there

I am looking for 2 very specific things, I hope you can help me :)

1) I need 125 sheets of A4 size traditional hand painted Japanese art paper (something like origami ones). I was at Nara and found one shop, but it only sells 1 sheet that I like from a whole pile that he brought out.

2) Japanese chopsticks (budget is 80yen) I am after 450 pairs. Was at Osaka but the shop owner didn't have that many and he doesn't accept direct bank payment or credit card if I put an order in.

Is there a wholesale market in Tokyo I can visit when I am there? Please advise.

Many thanks for your help in advance!
by Sheils  

. 2009/8/24 00:27
80 en for 450 pairs?

Typo there?

8,000 yen perhaps?
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Correction 2009/8/26 10:57
I saw a shopp in Osaka which sold 1 pair for 80 Yen. So yes, 450 pairs would be 36,000 yen.

Do you know of a wholesale place in Tokyo which sells souvenir chopsticks?

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... 2009/8/26 11:14
You might want to try Kappabashi area - an area in Taito-ku, near Asakusa, where there is a string of shops specializing in kitchen utensils and tools. I don't know if they have anything in your budget price range, though.

I spotted another shop on the internet - this one is in Kawagoe, Saitama prefecture, and sells 100 yen a pair chopsticks. Min. order is 450 pairs.
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Kappabashi 2009/8/26 11:40
I think Kappabashi dori (street) is the place to go for your chopsticks. I'll bet you can find what you want there. Allow ample time for browsing--a large number of stores carry chopsticks, and pricing is not consistent from store to store, so it really pays to comparison shop. Also, I would guess that many merchants would be willing to deal, with the quantity you're talking about. Price haggling isn't the norm in Japan, but negotiating a discount on a volume order isn't exactly haggling.

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Thank you 2009/8/26 23:29
Thank you both for the valuable info. I shall strive to get the right price and right product!

The website is great but unfortunately I cannot read Japanese, do you think by anychance if I e-mail them they can arrange for delivery to Australia and payment by credit card?
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