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where to buy wholemeal flour in Tokyo 2009/8/25 10:01
Hi, I have been looking for wholemeal flour and wheat flour to buy in the tokyo area but have not been able to find places that sell it in large quantities (eg 1-2kg bags). I dont really want to get a costco card . I have found many supermarkets that sell it but its only in very small packets and at very expensive prices. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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fbc 2009/8/25 10:30
If you can't find it locally you may be able to order it from here:

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Wheat flour products in Japan 2009/8/25 23:43
: Hi, I have been looking for wholemeal flour and wheat flour
: to buy in the tokyo area but have not been able to find places that sell it in large quantities (eg 1-2kg bags).
I donft know well about whole-meal flour products (made of whole grains of wheat) in Japan.
Maybe you have already searched some of them, but I suppose wheat flour products (made from wheat by removing husks and adding no other powders) in 1 kg bags are common at big shops in Tokyo of major Japanese supermarkets #. Perhaps 500 g is the largest unit at convenience store shops.
# e.g. Ito Yokado, Jusco, SEIYU, daiei, maruetsu.

: and at very expensive prices
I understand that wheat flour made from domestic [kokusan] wheat (i.e. wheat grown up in Japan) can be expensive because of its rarity value.
Prices vary by products and shops; I guess an ordinary wheat flour product in a 1 kg or 2 kg bag is available in Japan at about 250 to 400 yen per kilogram.

Have you asked a salesclerk where wheat flour is, like [komugi-ko wa doko-desu-ka]?
Wheat flour [komugi-ko] products are roughly classified into three by the percentage of gluten.
- [Kyouriki-komugi-ko] ([Kyouriki-ko] for short)
: used for breads, pizzas, etc.
- [Chuuriki-komugi-ko] ([Chuuriki-ko] for short)
: used for noodles (such as [udon]), coating of [tempura], etc.
- [Hakuriki-komugi-ko] ([Hakuriki-ko] for short)
: used for cakes, biscuits, etc.


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Ito yokado's a bust 2009/9/13 11:08
I checked there already for flour. It was one of my staples when I was stateside. They have small quantities for cakes and such, but I was really hoping for an allpurpose flour. I understand that imports of food products is rather expensive. As a chronic baker though, I was very disappointed. If you come across any good places to get some, please post.
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. 2009/9/14 10:25
Ordinary wheat flour (hakuriki-ko) is found almost all the supermarkets.
You should look for ”–—Ν•² (hakurikiko) which is also recognized as ¬”ž•² (komugiko) meaning wheat flour.
Usually they are sold in bags for 0.5kg (500g) or 1kg.

“ϊ΄»•² (Nisshin seifun) is one of the most popular brand.

Wholemeal flour is ‘S—±•² (zenryuufun).
This might be more difficult to find in small supermarkets, but big supermarkets should have one. If you cannot find it, try the basement floor of deparment stores.

If you have a chance to go to Shinjuku, you should visit CUOCA.
It is a shop specialized in ingredients for baking and confectionary, and carries a wide range of various flours.
It's on the basement floor of Mitsukoshi Alcott.
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