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How hard is the math on the EJU test? 2009/8/26 06:55
Hey, there
I recently applied to a university in Ontario, Canada, since that's where I live. I applied for East Asia Studies (because the weren't any majors in Japanese/Japan Studies) so I could be around the Japanese language and learn about all sorts of topics relating to Japan. I was accepted and given a bursary and everything, but then I found out that I've already surpassed the content of the highest level of Japanese that they offer. I know this might sound ridiculous to some people, but I'm seriously thinking of not going to University this year, and going to a Japanese University next year, instead.
I've heard that it's not too hard for foreigners to get into a Japanese school as long as their Japanese is good enough and they can pass an entrance exam, usually the EJU. But, if I'm not that great with math, do I have any chance at all in getting into a Japanese school?
Keep in mind that I'd be going to school to study something related to Japan. I'd really love to study something like Japanese literature.
There's apparently 2 Math Course levels on the EJU, and you only have to take level 1 if you're going into a topic unrelated to math.
Is this math level difficult?
Thanks for your help, everyone.
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EJU 2009/9/1 01:01
I wish I could answer your question, but sadly I do not know. However, if I had to guess, the EJU math would probably be somewhat challenging because of higher standards. Then again, I could be wrong. This is just my way of thinking. By the way, how are you going to take the EJU? I wanted to take it as well, but it's not being offered in my country at this time, and I also didn't see it being offered in Canada. (I live in America)
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Google 2009/9/1 02:01
Found this through Google.


It lists the different sections of the exam and explains what is expected.
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