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Is it hard to shop for these stats? 2009/8/26 13:17
Two of my best friends would like me to get them a lot of goodies from Japan. Are teenage girls with these stats hard to shop for?

170cm, 65kg, shoe size 40
167cm, 55kg, shoe size 39
by Loretta (guest)  

sizes 2009/8/26 15:51
Both of them have shoe sizes which you will not find in shops in Japan other than Zara and specialist large shoe shops. The taller one is likely to find the trouser leg and sleeve lengths to be too short. Both may find that trousers and skirts don't fit them well in the thighs and hips as Japanese women are often smaller in the hips and thighs than Europeans.

I am 175cm with size 40 feet and weigh 58kg, and I am very limited in what I can buy in Japan. T-shirts and accessories are about your only safe bets really.
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In childrens/teens or adult lines? 2009/8/26 16:57
I suppose size 39 couldn't be found in the children's section. And it couldn't be found in the womens section either?! The biggest childrens shoe size is usually 39 and womens is 42 here in the UK. What is the typical biggest size in Japan?

My friends are only 15. The 167cm is childrens size 15-16y and womens UK 8-10. The 170cm is womens UK 12. Does anyone know their approximate size in Japan?

Thanks for cautioning me Sira. I will stick with tops and skirts for the taller one.
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Just to add 2009/8/26 17:56
I'm size 35 1/2 - 36 by continental European ladies shoe size, and I'm about average in Japan. Maybe 36 - 37 is the average. Yes, adult size.

Shoe size (continental European, ladies size I assume) 39 and 40 would be at the *biggest* end of ladies shoe size range, so the selection would be limited :( You'd have to shop possibly at large size shops. And also the width would vary depending on the design/manufacturer, so I don't know if you can really shop for someone else, without trying them on themselves.

For clothiing, 167cm and 170cm would be on a tall side in Japan - buying pants would be near impossible (also the cut is different).
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Approximately... 2009/8/26 18:07
I only know the Japanese womens size vs. UK women's size: I wear Japanese size 11, and UK women's size 10.

Womens UK 12 would be Japan size 13, and is the beginning of "tall and large" range.
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size 39 2009/8/26 19:23
Shoes in size 39 not only definitely won't be found in the children's section, they won't be found in most adults' shoes sections either! Most shoe shops carry sizes up to Japanese size 24 or so, which is about a 38.
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Wow so small! 2009/8/27 13:56
Luckily I am smaller than both of them. I am 162cm, 46kg with a shoe size of 37-38. I usually shop at the children's section in the UK. I guess it is time for me to start shopping at the womens section in Japan!

I hope womens clothes and shoes are reasonably priced in Japan. They are very pricey in the UK!
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clothes 2009/8/27 14:38
At 162cm and 46kg you are within the average range for a Japanese woman.

Clothes here come in a large range of prices, not too different from the prices I've seen in shops in the UK. Japan is not known for its bargains, the cost of living is fairly high here.
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