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Ocarinas in Japan 2009/8/26 18:33

I know that Ocarinas originally come form Italy, but from what I understand, the Legend of Zelda series was (is?) quite popular in Japan. I've read that this helped to boost sales of the Ocarina pretty much everywhere in the world.

I was wondering if anyone had an idea of whereabouts it might be possible to purchase an ocarina in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto or maybe Hiroshima)? I have searched the internet, but most of the results have led me to sites containing products made under the 'Ocarina' home appliance brand..

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ocarina 2009/8/27 10:54
Pretty much any store that sells musical instruments will carry one or two models. Some department stores may also have basic models. Here's a chain that is found at malls across Japan:


They can also be bought online:


And they are quite popular, but I think mostly with an older crowd. I always see groups of older ladies performing at local culture shows.
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Thank you 2009/8/27 15:14
While I was hoping for something more rustic, but that sounds like a fine alternative. Thank you very much!
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. 2009/8/27 23:23
Is Yambo, the master of the Ocarina, a big star in Japan? I didn't know Japanese even knew what a Ocarina was.
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True 2009/8/28 06:35
Well yes, I had doubts that Ocarinas would have been well known in Japan. But the popularity of the Legend of Zelda series was huge in Japan so I assume that it's a gimmick that might have caught on. Anyway, no worries - thanks again!
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Maybe Harajuku 2009/8/28 10:41
I didn't know what the Legend of Zelda series are, but the music of Andes natives has always been popular in Japan among folklore fans for decades. In particular, almost everyone knows the song "El Cndor Pasa" covered by Simon and Garfunkel and that probably made the Ocarina well-known.

I often used to see craftsmen selling handmade Ocarinas on the street, in say the avenue of Omotesando in Harajuku, but I'm not sure if they're still there. At least that's where I bought my pigeon-shapred one a long time ago.
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P.S. 2009/8/28 10:49
I wonder if this would be useful. I just found it from the web. Scroll down for his email.

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Thank you again! 2009/8/28 15:04
Thanks very much for pointing us in the right direction! We're visiting Harajuku and will certainly keep an eye out. Thanks for all your help - it's great appreciated!
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