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English webpage for Japanese concerts? 2009/8/28 11:17

I am currently living in Toyko and wants to know if there is an english webpage, where I can check concert dates and information, as I want to visit some concerts, where my favorite singers are performing (for example YUI, YUKI or Ayumi Hamasaki).
Thank you very much.
by CityHunter1981  

Living 2009/8/28 22:08
If you are indeed living in tokyo then you have the perfect example of perfect language study. Applying something you love to your study will assist quite a lot.
Instead of trying to find an english site, I would recommend instead you work on your studies in the specific area. Especially since you will need to eventually obtain a least a decent level of Japanese to continue living here.

Artist names themselves are very easy to work out and you should be able to quickly work out how to read artist websites for tour dates at the very least.
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haha 2009/8/29 11:15
im sure he doesnt need a lecture on studying japanese!!

i haven't heard of the bands you wrote here, but you can try these sites:


hope it helps!
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... 2009/8/29 15:18
I can assure you that I try my best to learn the language, but it takes very much time to be able to read the pages (since I am more concentrating on speaking the language, rather than reading or writing.
I can speak some basic japanese, but it will take quite some time to be able to do real conversations, since my time to learn is very limited due to my job and I also need some time for my girlfriend, who helps me sometimes with my studies.
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Thank you 2009/8/29 15:20
Thanks mollii, this webpages seem to give very helpful information.
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Lecture 2009/8/29 23:54
No lecture that I can see molli??
Cityhunter what I am refering to is very basic Japanese. Things like *Tour* which is common on Japanese artist blogs and City names along with dates are things that someone just starting Japanese can relate to.
All of the artists you mention have their own blogs, that's why I mentioned about reading their sites. You do not need to be able to read the whole site :) Just the part that you want. It's actually very useful and something I did when I started learning Japanese. I'm sure many others did as well.
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