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Bringing gifts back home 2009/8/29 20:06
Hi guys,

I am currently in Kyoto on my first trip to Japan. I just want to say thanks to all of you, I received a lot of help from people on this website and I wouldn't be having nearly as much fun if it wasn't for them.

Anyway my question is... I just bought a Model samurai sword I guess you could call it. The blade is not sharp and It is just for show. My question has to do with bringing it home with me. I was told when I bought it that it would be ok and they gave me a certificate with some stamp on it saying that it is not a sharp blade and said I can check it with my luggage, obviously not able to take it on the plane. So I am wondering how does this work? will it count as one of my bags like as a separate piece? So if i have two bags then I will be over the limit with the two Katanas that I have in boxes. If you can give me any information it will be very helpful. I am flying on Japan airlines back to Vancouver and I wont be leaving for a few days.

Thanks so much
Shaun Singh
by Shaun (guest)  

It will be a 3rd item/baggage 2009/9/2 23:04
The box with the 2 model Samurai swords should be counted as a 3rd item/bag being checked-in. Not sure how "helpful" the counter staff for Japan Airlines will be when checking in a 3rd item since I never did check-in a 3rd item. From Japan to Vancouver a 3rd bag/item is 19,800yen to check-in. Also watch the overweight fees for any bag/item over 23kg/50lbs, but less than 32kg/70lbs, since 1 April 2009 there is a 5000yen fee for each one.

In the past I have seen passengers tape items to the outside of their bags. This is risky as there could be damage to the swords, or JAL may not accept your bag for travel.

Another idea is to mail/ship the swords home as it should be less than 19,800yen.
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