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One Monjayaki for two people? 2009/8/31 09:18
I saw on a video in youtube , 2 person ordering one monjayaki and eating together. is it possible? ore there each person order one thing, as we do? because i saw that monjayaki is very large, i don't think i can eat one entire monjayaki on my own, i'm going to Tokyo with a friend of mine so... i was wondering if is it normal if we divide one mojayaki and pay only for one..
by lauretta89 (guest)  

It's OK to share 2009/8/31 11:11
Yes, it's quite normal to order one and share it, though might order something else like an okonomiyaki and share that also...
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I luv monja 2009/8/31 16:46
Frankly, monjayaki is not something you go out to eat alone. It's something you party over with several people, because you'll get bored if you eat that whole junky piece all by yourself! Order two or three different flavors of monjayaki with your friends and enjoy them all!
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Monjya 2009/8/31 17:14
I actually consider Monjya to be a snack rather than a full-blown meal. When I go out to eat it, it's ALWAYS with other items from the menu.
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Is it normal sharing food in japan? 2009/9/2 04:06
for example, order only one yakisoba and eat in 2, order one okonomiyaki and eat in 2 etc...
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