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Italian ingredients? 2009/8/31 15:51
Kyoto City
I'm trying to make some real italian spaghetti sauce but can't find the ingredients here.

I can find a few things like oregano and basil, but can't find rosemary (even POWDERED!!) or thyme. Garlic is everywhere, but tomato sauce is nowhere. Italian Sausage is another one.. but for the most part it's the herbs and the tomato sauce or paste.

I'm in the Kyoto area if you know of any stores here.

by Pigumon Chris  

Import shop 2009/8/31 17:08

There is an import store called Meidi-Ya,(Pronounced Meijiya) on Sanjo dori. It might be a bit pricey though. Please check the links below.


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Oh and Vermouth!! 2009/8/31 17:21
Thanks a lot for the info on Meidi-Ya, I'll check it out! I just realized I need vermouth too!
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CHECK AGAIN 2009/9/1 09:38
I live in the sticks and every item you are looking for is available in most super markets here with the exception of Italian sausage. that can be ordered from the www.themeatguy.co.jp or do as I do and make your own, just mix some fennel seed, salt, pepper, garlic, onion into some ground pork, add some red pepper if you like it hot.
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. 2009/9/1 09:54
How about making without tomato paste and sauce? Take one or two cans of whole tomatoes and puree half. You just need to simmer a bit longer.
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hanamasa 2009/9/1 11:04
hanamasa has just about everything you've listed
check a different supermarket if you can't find fresh rosemary because almost all modern supermarkets carry it here. basil too. in fact i buy basil cheaper here than it was in canada..nice! pesto every day..!

hanamasa has italian sausage too. check it out. they have stores all over the yamanote line.
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Hopeful 2009/9/1 12:04
Thanks everyone, I have checked the few around here and haven't been able to find things, but it's good to know they exist here, I'll just broaden my search!

The only thing that was keeping me from making my own sauce is that I was following a recipe and I'm not sure how to get real tomatoes to a close approximation of paste.

I appreciate everyone's help, thank you!!
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