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Cheap grocery food items 2009/9/1 11:21
I will be visiting Tokyo or Osaka and would like to buy japanese food products like seaweed, salad sauces, seasonings etc. Can you recommend stores where the locals go to and where prices are cheaper than at supermarkets found at departmental stores? Thank you!
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I have some ideas, but... 2009/9/2 03:32
Please tell us the part of Tokyo or Osaka you'll be staying. That way, I think you can get some local ideas!
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Re: 2009/9/4 02:24
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suburban supermarkets 2009/9/4 08:58
Locals go to their local supermarket in the suburbs (the same as they do in my home country, incidentally). Simply take a train out to any suburban area and look around for supermarkets.
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. 2009/9/4 19:38
100 yen shops.

Salad dressings, sauces, and even food and drinks (depending on shop) can all be purchased for (105 yen) 5en tax.
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