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Where can I buy a guide book in Tokyo? 2009/9/2 16:42

My guidebook is for all of Japan. So it has only limited maps of Tokyo.

Where in Tokyo can I buy a good guide book for Tokyo?
Or at least a map of central Tokyo?

I live near Ikebukuro.

Thanks in advance.
I really need this!
by David Denmark  

Any Large Bookstore 2009/9/2 23:33
I don't know the shops in Ikebukuro very well, so I am not sure where to buy one there. I think that any of the larger general bookstores in Tokyo will probably have at least a small section of travel guides and such in English.

I can recommend "Bilingual Atlas of Tokyo Covering All 23 Wards" published by Tokyo Chizu Publishing that I bought in June. I think I got it at Maruzen near Tokyo Station in the Marunouchi Oazo. I found it to be pretty accurate and up to date, and it's a convenient size.

Either of the two Kinokuniya shops in Shinjuku will certainly have a selection of Tokyo guides and maps. Their addresses are on this web page:

Or how about Amazon.com? Click on their English button and search on what specifics you want. You might even be able to get free shipping.
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junkudo 2009/9/3 00:51
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tower records 2009/9/3 13:59
tower records in shibuya has an english floor, they should have guidebooks.

get on the yamanota line counterclockwise and get off at shibuya


thats the location map, the green is the jr station i believe.

they should have guidebooks, if not in stock ready to order
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In Ikebukuro 2009/9/3 15:52
In the past I needed to get hold of some English language Tokyo maps (large fold-up type for travelers, not a detailed street map book) for clients of mine quickly, and walked into Crowne Plaza Metropolitan Hotel and asked at the concierge if they had something.... which they did and kindly gave me a few copies. Well, just for emergencies.

If you need to get detailed street maps, yes, please try Junkudo or Libro (Seibu Department Store).
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Amazon 2009/9/3 17:01
You can also order English guides and maps for Tokyo and all of Japan from amazon.co.jp.
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. 2009/9/4 01:12
You can get FREE maps of Tokyo at hotel information counters (major hotels) also from the Tokyo Metro Government, and Tokyo Tourist information centers. The FREE maps are pretty detailed as well.
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