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day trip to Osaka from Kyoto 2009/9/3 12:36
Osaka City
We will be in Kyoto near JR Kyoto and will have 1 day to visit Osaka and would like to visit the Floating Garden Observatory, ride Aqualiner and then visit Osaka Castle (not necessarily in this order). My parents will be with me so I would like to avoid too much walking if possible. Can someone provide information for the following:

1) what is recommended order should these be seen in
2) which trains/stations to use from/back to JR Kyoto
3) cost of transportation and;
4) would there be any type of pass that could be used for this itinerary (we will be flying out of KIX the following day so perhaps the pass could be used for transportation to airport as well?)
Thank you.
by dyf (guest)  

... 2009/9/3 16:09
what is recommended order should these be seen in

Kyoto - (JR Kyoto Line) - Osaka - (walk) - Floating Garden Observatory - (walk) - Osaka - (JR Loop Line) - Osakajokoen - (walk) - Osaka Castle and Aqualine - (walk) - Osakajokoen - (JR Loop and Kyoto Line via Osaka) - Kyoto

or the other way around

cost of transportation

1480 yen per person

It is quite a long walk from Osaka Station to the Floating Garden Observatory (about 10-15 minutes), so if that is too much for your parents, you might want to consider a taxi (about 700 yen one way).

Also, a visit to Osaka Castle involves quite a lot of walking, because it is a very spacious castle.
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day trip to Osaka from Kyoto 2009/9/3 18:07
To simplify things why not stay in Osaka that would save your travelling time.
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day trip to Osaka from Kyoto 2009/9/4 16:49
Thank you for your recommendation. The cost is pretty reasonable but is it based on using a pass and if so, which one and where could we get it? ? or is it the total of all the transfers?

Also, would you happen to know the most direct route to get from Shinagawa to Tsukiji fish market and the cost? We will be in Tokyo prior to going to Kyoto and my father wants to visit the fish market.

Thanks again.
by dyf (guest) rate this post as useful

shinagawa to Tsukiji 2009/9/4 19:50
JR Shinagawa Sta - JR train(150yen) - Shinbashi Sta - 10min walk - Fish Market

Keikyu Shinagawa Sta - Keikyu Line - Daimon staition - Subway Oedo line - Tsukiji Shijo sta - 3mins walk - Fish Market(total 340yen)
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Tsukiji Market 2009/9/5 02:36
: the most direct route to get from Shinagawa to Tsukiji fish market and the cost?

The Daimon route includes Toei subway Asakusa Line. You can not find a Keikyu platform at Daimon on your way back.
Shinagawa of Keikyu (Track 2)
| Keikyu Line, around 5 minutes;
(Sengakuji: no transfer if on a direct train)
| Toei subway Asakusa Line;
Daimon (Change to Track 3)
| Toei subway Oedo Line, within 5 minutes;
| Walk
Tsukiji Market.
- Time: about 30 minutes.
- Fares: 340 yen = 130 yen (Shinagawa - Sengakuji) + 210 yen (Sengakuji - Tsukijishijo).

- Tsukiji Market
- Tsukiji Market: 2009 Calendar
Red: Closed day; Blue: Extra open day.
- Tsukiji Market
Please refrain from using cameras whose auto-flash can not be deactivated.

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Another route in Osaka 2009/9/5 02:39
: what is recommended order should these be seen in

Maybe it's better to first visit Osaka Castle from its west, taking a Osaka City Municipal bus (from Osaka Station Bus Terminal to Bambacho Bus Stop) for about 20 minutes.
When will you take this Osaka trip? Buses do not always run frequently for this section.

Qs and As (in Japanese) about Osaka Castle on this page say that the way from the direction of Tanimachi 4-chome via Otemon Gate is relatively flat, and you can come on this way even on a wheelchair. Bambacho Bus Stop is in the middle of this way.

In Osaka Station, no elevator exists between a platform and a transfer floor (M2F).
Also Municipal subway (Higashi-Umeda - Tanimachi 4-chome) is available, but I suppose taking a bus would be better than going up and down in two stations.

540 yen: Kyoto (Track 4 or 5) - Osaka (elevator on Kyoto side to 1F, South Exit).
200 yen: Osaka Station Bus Terminal (Line 102) - Bambacho Bus Stop.
200 yen: Bambacho Bus Stop (Line 102) - Osaka Station Bus Terminal.
660 yen: Taxi to Umeda Sky Building: Needless when you can get there on foot.
660 yen: Taxi to Osaka Station's South Exit.
540 yen: Osaka (Track 7, 8, 9, or 10) - Kyoto.


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... 2009/9/5 07:16
The cost is pretty reasonable but is it based on using a pass and if so, which one and where could we get it?

The cost is based on regular fares for single tickets or prepaid cards.
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