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Japanese cookbook 2009/9/4 11:34
This may be the hardest thing to find in Japan or maybe I wasn't trying hard enough. The last time I was in Tokyo I've gone to most major book store looking for a japanese cookbook in english... it doesn't seems to exist.
Does anyone now where I could buy one? I'll be heading to Osaka and Kyoto on my next visit.
I'm after homestyle cooking book ie. nabe not the fancy 5 star dining cookbook.
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Books by Harumi Kurihara 2009/9/4 13:31
Harumi Kurihara is one of the most popular cook in Japan, and her books are published in English.

Cooking books in English language will be found at big book shops who are handling a lot of foreign books, such as Kinokuniya.
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my recommendation 2009/9/8 13:43
I have a book called Let's cook Japanese Food! by Amy Kaneko. I bought it online at Chapters/Indigo here's the link:


I love the fact that she lists ingredients which can be bought in North America. Not sure if you're in Japan now or elsewhere but often Japanese cook books are published for people in Japan so the ingredients can be hard to find abroad.

I know what you mean by wanting a book that offers homestyle food rather than fancy stuff. I had a challenge too in finding a book I can use every day.

If it's any consolation I grew up on homestyle Japanese food and I find that her recipes are pretty authentic.
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