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Look for classic Japanese Drama movie 2009/9/4 22:35
in 1980s I watch a Japanese drama. But I forgot the title, the casts and the director. H'ver, I remember the plot. It's about a puppy love between two young adolescent. The boy is raised by a family in a feudal Japan. He fall in love with the daughter of the family and the girl also love him. But the girl is being matched to other son of a reputable family. The ending is so sad. But the scenes sometimes funny. I remember the girl run over a bridge with his wooden sandal and the sound of the sandal made me smile. Also when the girl (or the boy?) cleaning the floor back and forth along the side track of the house made me laugh, too. Anyone knows this movie or give me a direction to find it? Thanks for the response.
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Nogiku-no-haka 2009/9/8 19:12
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You are right 2009/10/26 02:27
Based on your answer, first I think it's Nogiku no gotoki Kimi nariki. I ordered it from CD Japan. After watching it, it's not. So, the correct one must be your suggestion, i.e. Nogiku no haka. I'm sure of it! So, I ordered it from YesAsia. It'll arrive soon.

Thanks for your guidance.

Japan Lover.
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