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a way to buy kimonos online in bulk? 2009/9/5 03:46
I know how to wear kimonos and furisodes. so i decided to take it to the next step and wear them for everyday. of course i would only wear the furisode for weddings and stuff. I have mayb e 2 cotten ones that i wear.But i want to buy alot or bulk of them all at once to have to wear around. I dont really care what pattern they have, just as long as they are wearable and have no holes or huge spots. I looked online for a while and while i was in japan for something like this and cant find anything. and i also have a question too. to wear them everyday, what would be better to wear? kimonos or the cotten ones? Thank you for your time.
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... 2009/9/5 08:16
I am sure most of the following online stores will be glad to sell you bulk orders:

I assume you live outside of Japan.
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kimono 2009/9/5 08:40
What is better to wear is up to you, since you are not in Japan and it is you who will be wearing them. The thin cotton yukata are only worn in summer here, and usually just for attending festivals or certain events. Women who wear kimonos regularly continue to wear kimonos rather than yukata.
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kimono in bulk 2009/9/6 01:59
I know that dealers in used kimono go to special sales to get items in bulk, and I wish I could enlighten you as to where/when they are. I know that Ichiroya (as has already been listed) and ebay are good sources.

The thing that would be hard about wearing kimono everyday would be caring for them; a silk kimono would have to be dry-cleaned, and traditionally has to be taken apart to be cleaned (I honestly don't know if that is still done).

The cotton yukata is more practical but in Japan is more limited; I only saw them at festivals during the summer. Of course since you are not wearing them in Japan you can do whatever you like, but again, caring for them would be the most difficult thing. Though you can wash them, keeping them wrinkle-free is hard (I have tried ironing my own yukata and it's a pita).
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Kimono 2009/9/6 02:01
I forgot - if you haven't already tried, the people of this website & their forums:
www.immortalgeisha.com - might be able to help with info.
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