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Japan food chains? 2009/9/7 20:39
I am looking for japanese cheap chains. I already know: gyukaku, matsuya, sukiya, yoshinoya, CoCo, mc donald's, KFC, Lotteria.. is there any other cheap chain?
by japantraveler (guest)  

. 2009/9/8 11:05
SKY LARK Group(GUSTO,bamiyan ...)
Hanamaru Udon
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chains 2009/9/8 11:47
Mos Burger, Freshness burger, Fuji soba...
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chains 2009/9/8 11:52
denny's, coco ichiban, kappazushi, joyful, sushi roll, gatten zushi, burger king, wendy's, starbucks, excelsior, tully's
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Re: 2009/9/8 21:40
Kura zushi, Ohsho, Hidakaya, Yayoiken, Royal Host, Jonathan, Bikkuri donkey, Pepper Lunchi, Tenya
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More 2009/9/13 06:25
Friendly (dinner + salad bar + drink bar)
First Kitchen (I like the fries!)
Gyoza no Oushou

Maybe Mr Donuts too....the branch at Shinsaibashi serves noodles and Yum cha...yes Yum cha.
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. 2009/9/14 17:26
Well, that ought to do ya!
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