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outrageously kitsch-puroland 2009/9/10 14:15
hello, as an adult male I am trying to find the most outrageous kitsch thing to see and video in Tokyo and Puroland looks to be the place. Is there anything more over the top or is this it?
by nicholas (guest)  

puroland 2009/9/10 15:11
I do not find Puroland to be any more outrageous, kitsch or over the top than Disneyland, especially as its target audience seems to be children under 5. However, I would find a single adult male filming in Puroland to be highly suspicious...

Perhaps Akihabara and its maid cafe's would be better subject matter for you.
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photos 2009/9/10 15:18
I agree! Disneyland is definitely the worse kitschy thing ever!!!..
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... 2009/9/10 22:05
1/25th scale of the world's famous monuments/buildings :) This is kitsch, isn't it?
The only hitch is that it is not in Tokyo.. Tobu World Square.

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