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Where to find flattering girls clothing? 2009/9/10 16:43
I am a 12 yr old girl with measurements AA65 W59cm H82cm. I am 150cm, weighing around 35kg.

Where can I find kids clothing that is not only cute, but also flatters my body? Thinking of buying skinny jeans, mini skirts, form fitting tops. Are kids clothes in Japan generous on the hips? Even though I am reasonably slim, I somewhat have a JLo booty as you can tell from my measurements.

My shoe size is Japan 22.5cm (EUR35) I believe. Will I be able to find heels that aren't kiddish looking? One that can compliment my legs making them look slick?

Thank you!
by lil girl (guest)  

hi 2009/9/11 02:51
wow for a 12 year old kid you seem to be way into fashion, mini skirts? hrms...sorry i cant help you on this, just wanted to put in my 2 cent
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... 2009/9/11 08:05
lil girl,
In terms of size, you will be fine in Japan - you might want to check out petite women's section instead of kids's. With your shoe size you'll find plenty of variety, again in ladies section.
Where you can find flattering clothing *for oneself* - that's what every girl/woman in Japan is trying to find for themselves, so look around and enjoy shopping :)
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mini skirts 2009/9/11 16:02
Thanks pals!

I have a question: why ladies? Don't kid girls wear mini skirts in Japan? Even toddlers wear mini skirts here.

I don't think I am way too into fashion. I just love the rebellious school girl look.

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... 2009/9/11 16:26
WHen I said ladies, I was primarily referring to sizes - waist size 59cm would be women's size 5 - 7 or so, so that belongs to the women's (as against kids/girls), though petite size. So if you want really fashionable things, I thought you could look at women's section, not necessarily at kids clothing section, for example at a department store, to see what's available and what you might like :)
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Not at all 2009/9/11 22:05
"JLo booties" are very uncommon here, -adult women's clothing is usually very slim in the hips, and girl's clothes even more so. With your hip measurements there, you actually will probably have to shop in adults' clothing stores for pants and skirts.
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Thanks for the add'l input AK and Sira 2009/9/12 03:27
I will be looking at ladies shoes in Japan as I am considering to buy 23 instead of 22.5 so that there will room for growth.

As for jeans, don't you think all ladies jeans will be long on me considering that I am only 150cm? I know I can hem them, but with skinny jeans the style will be lost. Maybe I might have to skip jeans in Japan if they are not generous enough on the hips. On top of that, ladies clothing are more expensive. Also, wouldn't ladies clothing look too mature? I am just looking for a cute+sexy look. No need for mature.
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... 2009/9/12 08:30
The ladies' clothing might not be to your taste, but if the girl's clothing doesn't fot you, what choice do you have? There would be many 12-year-olds in Japan with your hip measurements, so clothes for girls aren't cut for curvy girls. Most Japanese girls of your age are very straight up and down.
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how about clothes for ages 13-16? 2009/9/12 12:44
Hmmm... I never thought I would be too fat to fit in clothing for my age. I typically wear kids size age 10-12 for tops and size age 12 for jeans and other bottoms. The sizing must be smaller even for kids in Japan. In that case, will I be able to fit in clothing meant for 13-16 year olds? At least it's still better than wearing ladies clothing meant for 30 and 40 year olds.
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clothes 2009/9/12 16:40
You aren't fat at all .. it is just that average Asians, average North Americans and average Europeans aren't built the same at all.
This is why people recommend you to check ladies clothes, Young ladies, like 18-23
ALSO in one year , 2 at most, your body will change a lot so whatever cute things you get now will be way too short or tight or both.

I am a slim European male and have a hard time finding a suit in North America that fits. If the top is sort of OK in the shoulders and chest, the sleeves are too long..and the pants' waist is 6-8 " too big. In Japan I can't even fit in anything for my body height. My Japanese male buddy is over 50 but is so slim for N.A merica that he has to get his casuals clothes in the kid's sections....
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... 2009/9/12 17:02
I'm sorry but when I said "ladies," I did not have any particular age bracket in mind :) You just don't go to the kids section, but you simply go to where the young girls (maybe 18 - 23 or so?) go to... just look around when you get here :)

What I meant was that your sizes are (NOT fat but) big enough to simply go straight to the ladies section, if you want not-too-cute stuff, and that you can skip the kids section.
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Thanks will check everything out 2009/9/13 12:02
From the above responses, it seems like clothes for those under 18 aren't sexy?

I just don't want shoes to be kiddish looking. I actually prefer kiddish looking clothes but they have to be sexy. I don't want to dress like an 18 yr old. I want to dress in sexy clothing meant for a 12 yr old. When I went to usa last month I found a vast selection of boob tops, halter tops, mini skirts, 5cm inseam mini shorts, even thongs meant to be worn by 12 yr olds.

Well I guess I have to see for myself :)
If there is nothing I like, the more I will be able to save.
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I almost got a heart attack! 2009/9/13 12:50
When I almost couldn't fit a sz 9 in Japanese ladies clothing!

My waist is 65cm and hips are 90cm. I fit sz 16 at gap kids perfectly. I was crushed when I had to struggle just to get sz 9 ladies over my hips. At least I was able to button and zip it once over my hips. I swear if my hips were 2cm wider, the seams would start busting out!

To answer your question, even older girls' gap kids are more generous on the hips than Japanese ladies clothing! let alone kids clothing. If you have a JLo booty, U.S. brands are the best!

I would like to warn you to be psychologically prepared so that you will not be as crushed as I was. I know I will no longer be able to fit Japanese clothing once my hips are full-grown.

If anybody happens to know, what is the typical difference between waist and hip measurements in Japanese women? Is a 25cm difference for a 15 y/o girl considered outrageous?
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