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Help with Japanese bras 2009/9/10 16:55
I wanted to go shopping for bras in Japan. I found a bra size converter online and I learned that I wear a 80F in Japan. First, will it actually say "80F" on the tag in the store, or will it be in the Japanese alphabet? I speak a little Japanese, but I can't read it. Second, are there any shops in Fussa that carry large sizes that don't cost too much? I'd like to be able to get 2 or 3 bras with 2000 or 3000 yen. Is this possible?
Also, do they maybe have bras at the 100 yen store?
by ViviWannabe (guest)  

Haha 2009/9/10 17:54
I remember taking my wife bra shopping in department stores for the first time.

Quite a challenge for a westerner!

Bra sizes are number in English. So you can go there and look for your size written in English, not Japanese

The problem with finding bras that fit my wife, who was a size a tad smaller than you was that she could only find them in 4000 yen+ range. Nothing cheaper

And bras at a 100 yen store? Do they have them in a 99 cent store in America or a $2 store in Australia? No, no and no ;-)
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... 2009/9/10 18:16
Try if you can locate an Amos's Style shop - they tend to have pretty cute bras up to cup F or G sizes, and I think a bra and shorts set comes at around 4,000 yen. If you get out to Fuchu or Hachioji, there should be some Amo's Style shops :)
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thanks for the help 2009/9/11 06:59
Actually, I have seen bras at the 99 cent store in the states.
From the sound of it, I might be better off just going to the base exchange. Thanks!
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