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Temperature on Mt. Fuji 2009/9/11 09:12
I climbed to Mt. Fuji summit on the night of the 25th of August 2009 and FROZE!!! Can anyone tell me what the temperature was that night or how i can find out?

I have looked everywhere and could only find hourly readings for the last 2 days at the Fujisan weather station. I know the average for August is about 3.3 but i swear it was colder than that!

Thanks for your help :-)

by Jennifer (guest)  

Jen... 2009/9/11 11:10
I can't tell you the temperature but you are most definitely right!

When I climbed Mt. Fuji 5 years ago (end of August) it was something like 28 degrees at the 5-lake-area, on top of Mt. Fuji we had clouds, rain, snow and temperatures below 0!
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Wind chill factor 2009/9/11 11:27

This will probably answer your question...
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because of the windchill 2009/9/11 13:57
Dave in Saitama is right. Even if the temperature reading is around zero (typical for the summit of Fuji in summer), the windchill factor will usually make it feel far colder, perhaps down to minus 20 deg C. This is also normal for Fuji in summer. I am always surprised to find that people expect it to be warmer. 3,776m is high, high places tend to be windy, so the summit of Mt. Fuji is almost always very cold and windy ;-)
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