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Toothache- Orajel equivalent? 2009/9/11 15:25
Does anyone know of an equivalent to orajel in Japan? Something you can rub on your gums to numb pain?
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.. 2009/9/11 16:44
In Japan, painkiller tablets are used most of the time for the pain itself. I don't think there is any gel painkiller you could apply on the gum.

If it's toothache, meaning if you are sure it's not coming from the gum, or the root of the tooth in the gum, you could try "New Konjisui," but this is ONLY to be used on the TOOTH, never on the gum - it can damage the gum or lips. You use tweezers and a bit of cotton to apply the liquid right on the tooth decay (even into the cavity if it's big...). But do not apply on the gum.

Please visit a dentist as soon as you can...
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toothache, or gum problems? 2009/9/11 17:43
There is an ointment called Despa (the name is on the tube in Romaji), which is similar to Orajel, although it's a cream. It's for mouth ulcers (called "canker sores" by Americans), swollen gums etc.

If you actually have toothache though, no cream or gel will help you, you need to see a dentist to fix the cause of the pain. Applying something to the surface of the gums does not affect the nerve in the tooth, which is very deep.
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