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Tokyo banana in shinjuku station? 2009/9/12 20:54
Where exactly is it? I spent a good two hours wandering around and around looking for the one item friends in LA asked me to bring back. :) Any clues or specifics would be great. Only two days left before i fly back.
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. 2009/9/13 10:31
tokyo banana in shinjuku station.
Tokyo station,Narita airport,Kiosk....

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... 2009/9/13 21:02
There is an outlet in Shinjuku station, but the above link does not specifically mention exactly where it is.

Narita Airport has some shops that sell them - just go and ask for Tokyo Banana at "Fa-So-La" gift shop or duty free shop.

If you go through (change trains at) Tokyo station, their sales stands are everywhere - if you don't know the looks of the logo/sign, please go and ask any KIOSK/gift shop staff.

Since the "enjoy by" date tends not to be that far ahead in the future, it would be better to buy soon before your departure anyway. Good luck! :)
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Tokyo Banana in Shinjuku 2009/9/13 22:15
I have seen a Tokyo Banana kiosk in the south exit area of Shinjuku station, near the Doutor that is inside the station. It's near the top of one of the central escalators.
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Airport 2009/9/15 13:41
I suggest buying them at the airport after you've passed through the customs. They're cheaper.
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