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Where to find clothing for tall people? 2009/9/13 15:16
I am a tall Asian woman. I carry my height and weight fairly proportionally, except my feet are a little too long for my height. I am US10 or EUR42 (which I believe is a 26cm in Japan?). I am almost positive Japanese brands don't carry 42? I always have to buy western brands. My stats:

170cm (sitting height: 89cm, leg length: 81cm)
54kg (measurements 86-66-89)

What stores and brands cater to tall women of 26? Will regular length clothing be too short for me?

My European husband (also 26) is 180cm (leg length 88cm), 67kg, waist 76cm and shoe size EUR44. Will trendy clothing be easy to find for him?

by Ellena (guest)  

tall girls 2009/9/13 21:47
I am 174.5cm (long in the legs) and am restricted to Zara, some Benetton items that are long enough, and a few other foreign brands. I tend to do a lot of shopping when I go overseas for trousers/pants and anything else where length is an issue. Winter coats with long enough sleeves are hard for me to find.

Department stores often have sections for plus size and tall clothes, such as Marui Model, but I find that plus size is often not separated from tall and that anything with long sleeves is very wide in the shoulders/big in the chest, which I don't need.

Basically your choices will be a bit limited. Shoes also- Zara, and speciality big size shops. I haven't checked H&M and Forever 21, but I am hoping that they may carry items with longer legs and sleeves and bigger shoes (I'm a 25.5).
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clothes and shoes 2009/9/14 03:01
Thanks for writing back Sira.

May I ask you a question? (you don't have to answer if it's too personal) Being 174.5cm with long legs, wouldn't a lot of American and European branded trousers still be too short for you? Most American branded trousers (such as gap, Abercrombie) are perfect length-wise for me at 170cm with medium length legs.

We will be in Japan for 1 year. In that case I better bring half a dozen pairs of shoes to Japan. If I have to shop in special stores for bigger shoes, I am pretty sure it comes with a hefty premium?

Tall+plus together is not my size too. I am size 8-10 UK or 2-6 US (sizes run all over the place). I am quite sure I am not plus sized?

I am not impressed with Forever 21's quality. The material they use is too thin. Does ZARA fit a slender build well? In my experience, when I do find off the shelf clothing for 170cm, they tend to be too wide.

I don't know whether Abercrombie has branches in Japan but if you are looking for longer sleeves, Abercrombie has especially long sleeves. Ralph Lauren tends to run longer in the sleeves and slimmer on the body.

Do Japanese stores at least carry clothing for 165cm? I find that I can usually fit clothes cut for 165cm. May be a bit short, but not short enough to make me look silly.
Where do tall, slim/slender Japanese women usually shop?

Thanks again!
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clothing 2009/9/14 08:27
Gap is too short for me, Zara is perfect, H&M and Benetton just barely long enough. Since I'm not American or European, I don't know about other brands I'm afraid! In my country I had trouble finding trousers long enough as a teenager, but it's easier now, they seem to have made them longer in the last 10 years or so.

Zara fits slim people well. No, of course you are not plus-sized.

Shoes at specialist shops tend to be expensive, yes.

165cm would be the about the limit that ordinary clothes here are designed for, so you might be fine with ordinary stores in that case.

Tall slim Japanese women shop at the same places I do- see above.

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Shinjuku Isetan 2009/9/14 10:30
They have a "tall size shop" on the 2nd floor.
It's different from the big size, the cloth they're offering seem to be for tall people, not big.
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Another question 2009/9/14 19:02
Thank you Sira and magonote. I will definitely visit Isetan.

Another question: Is 26 still considered a young woman in Japan? I hope I am not too old to wear mini skirts and strapless dresses? Is it young woman aged 20-29 and middle aged woman 30-55 or something like that?
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. 2009/9/14 23:48
If you are in good shape, go for it!

Middle age is 35-54.
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Same height as OP but heavy 2009/9/15 02:58
I was wondering the same thing. I am 5'7''/170cm and 165lbs/75kg with US size 9 wide feet. Do they sell kimonos my size? Will I be able to find shoes in Japan? Will I get nasty looks having feet this big?

I have longer legs/shorter torso. I need at least a 32'' inseam, 33'' preferred. Will I be able to find my inseam in flea markets?


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be yourself 2009/9/15 08:36
Ellena, so many young women have been posting on this site lately saying "will the Japanese think I am fat/old/plus-sized etc. etc."

This is not Mars, people are not really that different from in any other country. Middle-aged is well over 40 here- same as in my country, unless you ask a 12-year-old, who may say that 30 is middle-aged, but what do they know? ;-)

Have some self confidence- wear what you like, within reason- you will see some pretty outlandish clothing choices here in Tokyo, don't worry. Have a look around when you get here, and make your own decisions.
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. 2009/9/15 11:57
US9 is really US7 in mens and unisex
US10 is really US8 in mens and unisex

They are definitely long for a Japanese woman of average height but these girls are 5'7'' so not considered long for their height. Most 5'7'' people I know are size 25cm (US8 mens) or above.
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