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3 days in Nagasaki/ 6 days in Kyushu 2009/9/14 06:33
Nagasaki City
I'm a single traveller and planning to go to Nagasaki from Nov 1-3. I want to ask is the Huis Ten Bosch worthwhile to visit, since the admission and the bus ticket are quite pricey. If so, how many hours should I spend there? Are there fireworks every night?

I am planning to see the abandon island and the peace park and museum as well. Are there any other must-sees in Nagasaki? Would 3 days be too much?

Originally my plan was to tour major points of interest in Kyushu for 6 days. I did some research on Kyushu, and it looks like most major attractions are energy intensive, such as hiking and boating, which I'm not comfortable to do on my own. Any suggestions on what other areas to visit in Kyushu would be welcome!
by Jackie (guest)  

Other Kyushu Sites 2009/9/14 10:29
If you don't want to do outdoor activities, consider these:

-Fukuoka: The largest city in Kyushu, lots of shopping

-Dazaifu: Near Fukuoka but has more cultural sites, like shrines and temples

-Beppu: If you like hot springs, this is one of the most famous cities for it. The "hells" sound quite interesting, too.

You could also try Shimabara (near Nagasaki) or Kumamoto.
by Rabbityama rate this post as useful

More... 2009/9/14 11:02
Beppu can be rather touristy. If you want more traditional onsens, try visiting Kurokawa Onsen, a fairly secluded small town with over 20 hot springs.

In Nagasaki, there is also Glover Gardens, which is an interesting place, as well as some churches, the "eyeglasses bridge", some temples, and Dejima Island (is that what you meant by "abandoned island"?) I really enjoyed Nagasaki and I think 2-3 days there is not too much. I stayed 2 days and wasn't able to see everything I wanted. Do some additional research on the city and you'll probably find many interesting spots to see there.

by Samurai007 rate this post as useful

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