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how can I ask about things I dont know 2009/9/14 13:56
When I asked about campy outrageously over the top things to see in Japan, (like Puroland or Disney world) someone mentioned the Akihabara maids. Now I have never even heard about, ever, these maid cafes. I would never have even dreamed of looking these up on the net until someone here mentioned them! How many other zany, kooky things are out there that I don't even know to ask about or search for? If you know of anything over the top please tell me. I now know about Yoyogi on Sunday, the Akihabara maids and Puroland. Anything else please?
How can I be an audience member on those crazy constestant shows etc?
what is the Tokyo Takazaruka theatre?
by nicholas (guest)  

Google- a very useful tool 2009/9/14 17:40
An internet search for "Takarazuka theatre" should provide a lot of information...

Also try searching "weird Japan", "kooky Japan" etc as there is lots written about that kind of thing.
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... 2009/9/14 18:17

And maybe also by keeping one continuous thread on the topic, so that people who come here would get an idea of what kind of things you are looking for... :)
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Themed Restaurants 2009/9/16 14:59
Takarazuka is the all-female theater group. The original theater is in the city of Takarazuka, and the Tokyo theater is a branch theater. The shows are fun, but of course, they are in Japanese.

They have a lot of interesting ''theme'' restaurants. Here are a few of the popular ones:

Ninja Akasaka (Ninja themed):

The Lock Up (A jail-themed restaurant)

Oh, here is a list of some:

A lot of people find them to be quite fun (but expensive!)

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