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kyushu region 2009/9/15 11:28
landing in fukuoka then planning to go to beppu, mt aso and then back to fukuoka.

i'm thinking of spending 2 nights in the region. 1 night in beppu then another night in kumamoto, is this doable?

how do i get from beppu to mt aso and then kumamoto? is this doable in 1 day? are there day tours for this?

from kumamoto back to fukuoka, is there time to go to osaka after arriving at fukuoka?

thanks in advance!
by frank (guest)  

no reply? 2009/9/16 09:13
can someone please help????
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2 nights is too short 2009/9/19 03:19
If you only have 2 nights, I would spend them either in Beppu or Kumamoto City. Depending on when you arrive in Fukuoka, you may not even have a full day. I often arrive in Fukuoka from Narita at 8 to 9 PM, which only gives me time to visit an Irish bar on Oyafuku-dori before going back to the hotel. If you arrive late, you would only have the next day to get somewhere and then to see something. If you stay in Beppu, you might take a day trip to Yufuin. If you stay in Kumamoto, you could take a day trip to Mt. Aso.

From Hakata Station (Fukuoka) to Beppu takes about 2 1/2 hours by express.

From Hakata to Kumamoto City takes about 1 1/2 hours by train.

To get to Aso from Beppu it would be best by bus. This has been addressed at

From any of the stations (Beppu, Aso, Kumamoto) you still have to get to what you want to see. If this includes going up to the crater on Aso, it will take a while or cost money for a taxi.

It takes about 3 hours by Shinkansen to get from Hakata (Fukuoka) to Osaka, so 6 hours round trip.

There are kankou bus tours of Mt. Aso from Kumamoto City, and probably elsewhere. You can find out more by checking out:

JNTO Mt. Aso acrobat file:

JNTO Beppu acrobat file:
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didn't like beppu too much. 2009/9/19 05:27
if you are going to the onsen in beppu, you need more than .5 day to enjoy it.
take in the "getting lost" factor, you are pressed for time.
Plan what you want to visit and take it from there.
Don't know how long it takes to go from point a to b but I think it will take more than 3 hours to go from a to b and still have time to sight see.

I have been to beppu 3 years ago. The onsen are spread out, you have to take the bus to go from one onsen to the next. The buses are not that frequent so you have to factor that into your schedule. I was turned off with the numerous "ladies of the night" standing outside their buildings soliciting business at 9am in the morning!!!!! Worse than las vegas!

I enjoyed Ibuski and Kagoshima (originally Satsuma as in the Satsuma oranges) the most in Kyushu. You can go for the black sand bath in Ibuski.

Ibusuki, located at the southernmost tip of Satsuma Peninsula, is one of Japan's most celebrated hot-spring resorts. It boasts a balmy climate, lush subtropical vegetation, a pretty seashore and fashionable inns and hotels. Yunohama Beach is famous for its Natural Sand Bath facilities, in which guests are buried up to their necks in sand that utilizes natural steam. Lying on the beach covered with soothingly hot sand and listening to the roar of the sea is considered not only delightful but beneficial to both beauty and health.

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... 2009/9/19 11:03
As mentioned above, unless your arrival time on day 1 in Fukuoka is early in the day, you might not have enough time to enjoy Beppu. Likewise, if you wish to see Kumamoto on day 3, you will need at least half a day on day 3.

Assuming you do have enough time, the easiest way to travel between Beppu and Kumamoto via Aso is by the Trans-Kyusu sightseeing bus which includes a stop at Mount Aso. Details in Japanese:

Alternatively, it is a very attractive area to be explored by rental car:
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