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plus sizes and food 2009/9/15 14:13
I find clothes very hard. I'm 4'11'' and 150lbs. Will their be anything for me in japan? In store and online both ok. If buy from japan websites and clothing no fit, can return for refund?

I don't have a lot money. Is japanese food or mcdonalds cheaper? can I find mcdonalds at convinient places?

by Mrs Rodriguez (guest)  

supermarket cheaper 2009/9/19 22:37
If you buy food from supermarkets and cook them yourself, it's definitely cheaper than buying McDonald's.
The vegetables, fish and bread are all affordable.

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Shi-ma-mu-ra 2009/9/19 22:40
Shi-ma-mu-ra is a fashion chain that sells very affordable clothes. They are situated at many residential estates of Japan. Most of the time, it's near the train station. They have plus sizes.
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