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Pants Length: Too much alteration! 2009/9/15 14:36
Shouldn't altered items be considered defective?

As I am on a tight budget and hard to fit by Japanese standards, I often visit 2nd hand stores for foreign branded clothing. I notice a lot of the pants of foreign brands have been drastically altered. I am sure a lot of those pants should have had an inseam between 30''-34'', but a lot of the inseams have been altered to 26-28'' maybe. I am really bothered because to me it's defective. Is anyone else bothered or is it just me?
by McKenzie (guest)  

... 2009/9/15 19:00
Did you say second-hand stores? Then the merchandise they deal in "come with" whatever alterations the previous owner(s) have made, and unfortunately that cannot be helped....
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second hand... 2009/9/15 21:58
The answer is pretty obvious- if you want pants with their original seam length, you will have to buy them new. I'm tall and can't buy pants at second hand shops because they have almost always been altered- not only in Japan but in other countries as well. No, I don't consider pants in a second-hand shop that have been altered to be defective, that's par for the course for second hand clothing.
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ENGLISH 2009/9/16 00:20
Your usage of the word defective is defective.

You're complaining about alterations to 2nd hand clothing. Why don't you buy new clothing then?

How do you expect people to wear clothing unaltered if it's too long for them? Jeans are notorious for only coming in 2 lengths and for many many people both lengths are way too long.

Anyway if it's such a big deal just buy long pants or long sleeved shirts and do a european hem to keep the original garment look.
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34'' inseams for women?! 2009/9/16 12:20
I'm 172cm Japanese woman and have a 31'' inseam. 172cm is tall even by western std.

Wouldn't 34'' inseams be suitable for those around 185cm or taller only?!
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