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where to play go in Japan 2009/9/15 16:41
Where I'm from in Seattle, there's a go center where people can stop by and play go. I'm in Japan on vacation now, and I thought it might be fun to play a game.

I'm in Sendai now, and going to Sapporo and Tokyo. Are there go centers or go clubs in these cities that a foreigner might drop by and play a game?

I'm having a little trouble searching for "go japan" on google, as it seems to not understand I am referring to the game and not the verb.

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Go 2009/9/15 19:18
Most of us probably are not aware what you mean by a Go center and play. Could you provide a tad bit more info? Is it like a place to go play snooker or something like that?
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Igo? 2009/9/16 10:25
Are you referring to the board game? In that case, it's Igo (rather than just Go).

Sorry, I haven't a clue where you can play games in your current region though...
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Go center 2009/9/17 14:24
I hope it helps you. (Sorry,It's
Available only in Japanese.)
Btw, the term "Go" is used worldwide.
Cf. The International Go Federation
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thanks! 2009/9/18 20:35
Thanks a-passer-by! This is exactly what I was looking for!

babelfish seems to handle the site, although, google translate barfs for some reason.

Wow, there's a lot of places... I wonder if you can just show up to one of these places and expect to find someone to play, or if you need to bring a friend?

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Igo online 2010/1/26 12:07
If anyone knows a good site to play online message me back on it .
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GO servers 2010/7/2 11:53

My favorites are IGS(PANDANET) and KGS.
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